St. George Hotel

  • Great care was taken to preserve or replicate the building's original exterior
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  • Street-level view of the building front
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  • Newly renovated wine bar
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Weston, Mo.


26 rooms
The St. George Hotel had its beginnings in 1845 and served as a hostel for wagon masters and river boat captains. This restoration project was greatly influenced by the building's listing on the National Register of Historic Places and its setting in Weston, Mo., a river town rich in history and lore. The project included renovation of the three-story building and added a three-story addition. What was once the saloon was converted to a wine bar and the original bank and post office space was converted to new uses. The bank vault was repurposed as a wine storage room. All of the windows were replicated to match the originals but with insulated glass. Roof materials were chosen to replicate the original wood shingles but in asphalt. Existing cast iron storefronts were scraped and painted and Art Glass transoms found in the building during demolition were reinstalled. The end result is a modernized historic hotel offering 26 rooms, wine bar, spa, bakery and meeting room.