First Bank of Missouri - St. Joseph

  • The lobby blends the bank's history while meeting the needs of modern banking
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  • The teller's area is designed for functionality and efficiency
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  • The bank's original antique vault door is part of the lobby design
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St. Joseph, Mo.


3,700 sq. ft.
The First Bank of Missouri had a 100-year-old facility in the southern part of the city near the famous St. Joseph stockyards that was obsolete and unfeasible to renovate. Since their customer base remained in place, the bank decided to erect a new building. In a move that allowed use of ample land in an adjacent lot to the north, the new facility was planned. The new bank, in recognition of its historic precedent, was designed to make use of an antique vault door and architrave as decorative elements in the new building. The bank is equipped with a 3-teller conventional counter off of the main lobby, two private offices, a board room, break room, and a new safe deposit vault. A workroom is adjacent to the teller area and a conventional 3-lane drive-up is served behind the lobby tellers. When the new facility opened the old building was razed and the resulting site provided for additional parking and a prominent ATM island.