Tiffany Springs Park Master Plan

  • Portion of original Master Plan
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  • Land use diagram
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  • Feasibility Study for OHV use
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Kansas City, Mo.


Approximately 1,000 acres
WSKF was selected to provide master planning services for this 1,000-acre park in the Kansas City's Northland. It is one of the largest parks in the KCMO park system and a major provider of recreational opportunities in the region. The original master plan, completed in 2003, provided for picnic and hiking areas, trails, a community center with swimming pools, tennis courts, sports fields, golf, club house and a conference center. The master plan guides the development of the park. In 2009 WSKF performed a feasibility study to accommodate the full range of current uses while adding Off Highway Vehicles. The revised plan included in the study seeks to balance OHV use with current and planned uses while better managing current negative OHV use impacts.