Russell Jones Education Center

  • Learning spaces are emphasized on front facade
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  • The school is specially designed for K-12 special needs students
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  • Entrance
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  • Entrance and main corridor
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  • Classroom
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Lake Waukomis, MO


16,000 square feet
The Park Hill School District staff and WSKF Architects collaborated to craft a facility program and design to meet the District's special needs students. Because the facility provides educational space for students from kindergarten through the 12th grade, the facility design parameters were broad and inclusive. WSKF recommended the site selection based on the best fit between program and site character as well as natural amenity offerings. Placement of the building on the site created opportunities for safe and appropriate vehicular access and circulation; separation between student, staff and service access; and views of nearby Lake Waukomis. The design results are a highly functional special needs school with appropriate zoning of classrooms and a site design that captures and reinforces the natural site character and amenities.