Lee's Summit Animal Control Facility

  • Entrance to kennel area
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  • View into kennel area
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  • Facility includes pens for larger animals
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Lee's Summit, Mo.


10,685 square feet
The new Lee's Summit Animal Control facility provides a more functional design and a more humane habitat for the animal inhabitants and the staff who provide for their daily care. The new facility provides approximately 10,685 square feet of habitat, adoption, community and staff space. The kennel habitats provide space for 60 dogs with the ability to separate animals who require either quarantine or isolation. The same level of care and preservation is provided for all felines. The design focuses on facilitating a connection: a connection between the community and animals for adoption. The public lobby design is open, transparent and well-lit with natural daylight. These design components represent the essence of facilitating the community connection. The design also provides for the safe and effective transfer of animals by animal control officers. Lastly, the design also provides for the ready kennel expansion, allowing for the efficient and cost-effective doubling of capacity.