Parkville Commons

  • The design accommodates a variety of commercial and retail tenants
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  • Includes convenient parking, streetscaping
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  • View to nearby Parkville City Hall, which anchors Parkville Commons
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Parkville, Mo.


Parkville Commons retail development includes a wide variety of uses, including a YMCA, Public Library, restaurants, grocery and various retail businesses. The completion of the development and design of the namesake feature was WSKF's task. The "Commons" is the entire composition with the centralized open space. The commons is anchored by a new City Hall for the City of Parkville, Mo. The space is divided by a short street with parking creating a formal park nearest the City Hall, which is bounded by a one-story office space and more urban streetscape with two story retail with apartments above. The retail spaces are open to the surrounding streets and the commons. The apartments either face the street or the commons. The urban streetscape is envisioned to have a canopy of trees, benches, outdoor dining areas and an area for a band shelter. The Commons creates a living heart, an urban event and connective space that ties the varied buildings and streets together.