Bob Sight Mazda

  • The design blends eye-catching color, functionality and branding
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  • The showroom design ensures the car is the star
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  • Customers can relax or enjoy a beverage in the colorful MCafe
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  • Service area focuses on efficient flow, technicians' needs and safety
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Kansas City, Mo.


19,922 square feet
WSKF Architects worked with Miller Stauch Construction in using a design-build approach to bring the newest Mazda retail concept to Kansas City. WSKF worked with the Bob Sight Auto Group to modify the "Revolution" corporate prototype. There are very few of these new dealerships in the country. The new Mazda facility features several elements to grab attention and create curiosity from the street level. A Mazda vehicle is elevated in the showroom and is visible from the outside. The facility also features a greeter station, vehicle platform and service department. Also included in this new concept is the M Cafe, a transition area between the sales and service departments. The Cafe provides beverages, an interactive kiosk, and a gaming area where customers can race Mazda products.