First Bank of Missouri - Kansas City

  • WSKF converted an existing building into the Tiffany Springs bank branch
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  • View into the office area
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  • Tellers windows
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Kansas City, Mo


13,500 square feet
For this bank branch located at the intersection of 1-29 highway and Tiffany Springs Parkway, WSKF Architects renovated an existing structure into a new branch bank for First Bank of Missouri. The main building is located at the southwest quadrant of the existing building and the drive through lanes are located to the south, thus requiring video cameras for communication. The design also includes an ATM facility outside the building, a spacious teller lobby, offices and a prefabricated vault. An additional commercial lane and teller station is located at the west side of the teller area. The building's interior is complemented by a circular interior lobby with matching skylight.