St. Andrew Christian Church Additions

  • View walking from parking area to outdoor terrace
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  • Terrace with view of sanctuary and baptismal
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  • Balcony and main floor seating addition
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  • Pastor's Office and meeting space
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  • Library in bell tower
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Olathe, Kan.


18,000 square feet
The existing Church consisted of a multi-purpose sanctuary and narthex with nursery above. The additions added a new entry, seating and balcony to the sanctuary, ten classrooms, a fellowship hall, kitchen, pastors offices, an outdoor terrace, new parking and accessible drop off area. One of the critical elements of the plan is to create an open and welcoming presence to the community while preserving the natural gardens to the rear of the site and the experience of the "journey" and "transformation" as you approach the church from the back through the landscape. The courtyard and terrace created by the addition are reminiscent of a cloister and includes an outdoor baptismal font. The exterior includes patterned ceramic tile surfaces and cast stone architectural details. Natural stone is used extensively at the base of the structure with the majority of the exterior finish in stucco. Cast concrete columns and arches are used around the courtyard to create openness and to frame to the natural landscape beyond, while connecting back to the design of the original church. "Beautiful. Gracious. Restful. Embracing. But more than that, a design that deeply mirrors the dance of faith. The seamless flow we all seek...to move from worship to action to prayer to study. To know God not just on Sunday morning, but at the kitchen table, the boardroom, the voting booth, the soccer field. A space that can nourish us through that lifelong journey." Reverend Holly McKissick