St. Andrew Christian Church Master Plan

  • Planned meeting house and chapel with covered connection to existing church
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  • Hearthroom and new vestibule additions
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  • Meeting House from North looking back towards the existing church
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  • Hearthroom and gallery addition
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Olathe, Kan.


10,000 square feet
The master plan update for St. Andrew addresses two immediate needs and provides for future growth for the next 10 years. The site is constrained by two creeks and their flood plains so the area is limited to provide for both expanded space and parking. The first need is to provide for more space for gathering before and after services in the existing hearth room. The hearth room was originally the fellowship hall, classroom and gathering space. The size of the congregation and the scope of the ministry causes that they support have created a congestion problem. The plan provides for relief by first adding an additional exit to the sanctuary directly to the patio space and by adding an addition designed to accommodate display of mission materials and circulation around the gathering space. These spaces will also work as meeting rooms and allow for a new second story classroom. The second need is parking. Currently the church utilizes a shuttle to an adjacent high school for overflow. The master plan proposes the addition of three new parking areas with differing degrees of impact on the site. The third element of the plan is to provide a meeting house to act as adult education space, expanded fellowship space, youth room and to also act as a chapel space for smaller services. The chapel would allow the services to be scheduled closer together and would allow for a more intimate worship experience for small groups.